Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ


¥ 9,000

VASCO CLASSIC series using high quality Italian leather

A pocket-sized wallet made from high-quality leather recommended by the Italian Botanical Tannin Leather Association has been released.
This brand, Vasco, sew, drive, and do almost everything in its own atelier, and features the warmth and build-in of the hand, which cannot be achieved by outsourcing.
The time and effort that can be poured only by our own craftsman and the high level of technology that we have are the best among many bag brands.

■ Italy luxuriously uses oil leather from Tuscany Tanner.
It features a heavy texture with dye and oil soaked up to the core, and a moist, smooth feel and luster unique to European leather.
■ The pocket-sized wallet accented with the brand logo stamping has a luxurious and tough finish.
■ There is a partition so that cards and coins can be stored in 3 places, making it easy to put in and take out.It can be fixed with a snap button so that the contents do not fall off.
■ The metal fittings on the flap can be easily closed with a single touch.Of course, it is smooth when you open it.
■ A special drawstring bag is included.

Material: COW HIDE x BRASS
Color: 5 colors
Size: Horizontal 11.5cm x Vertical 7cm
Country of production: Japan

* Natural leather has different facial expressions one by one.There are some scratches and wrinkles, but please enjoy it as the original design of leather.
We look forward to your understanding.