Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ


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VASCO is characterized by the warmth and build-in of the hand, which cannot be achieved by outsourcing, by sewing, driving, and almost everything in its own atelier.
The time and effort that can be poured only by our own craftsman and the high level of technology that we have are the best among many bag brands.

Marble dyed long zip wallet.There is one partition in the interior, and you can separate banknotes and cards & coins.
There is no gusset, it is slim and has a neat size.The fastener is smooth using the old American-like "UNIVERSAL" zipper.
Short models of the same seriesCheck here ▼Please try it.
We will deliver it in a special drawstring purse.

Material: COW HIDE x BRASS
Color: 3 colors
Size: Horizontal 21.0cm x Vertical 10.5cm
Country of production: Japan

* Leather products have different facial expressions one by one.Please note that some color unevenness, dents, etc. are the original characteristics of leather.
Also, since it is hand-painted, each one has a different look.Please note that you cannot choose.

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