Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ


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Lot No. VS-249P-GRAY

SIZE: W 30 cm x H 21 cm x D 8 cm

We use original leather made from vegetable tanned tanned leather, which was jointly developed with a tanner specializing in tanned leather, which boasts high technology in Japan, and finished by a traditional hand-dyed method.
In our own atelier, we sew, drive, and do almost everything, and it is characterized by the warmth of the hand and the making that can not be done by outsourcing.
The time and effort that can be poured only by our own craftsman and the high level of technology that we have are the best among many bag brands.

■ A bag that American delivery staff used to carry and use for daily deliveries.
With such a postman bag as a motif, we are developing it in a size that is one size smaller and easy to use according to the present age.
The embossing of "US MAIL" on the flap part also enhances the atmosphere by engraving a logo like the vintage at that time.
■ For leather, we use vegetable tannin leather from Himeji, which is famous for producing leather.Vegetable tannin leather is a leather that can be tanned using only vegetable tannins.
The more you use it, the more glossy it becomes, the more familiar it becomes, the better the absorption of dyes, and the better the color development.
It is a very laborious and time-consuming production method with poor production efficiency, but it is a leather manufacturing method that makes the best use of the original goodness of the material.
■ The main body is made of No. XNUMX canvas soaked with oil wax containing paraffin (wax).The choke mark that appears due to friction is one of the charms unique to paraffin, and although the waterproof effect decreases over time, it boasts high robustness that can withstand long-term use.
■ It is comfortable to wear with shoulder pad.You can also adjust the length of the strap.
■ The flap has a simple design with no fasteners, and can be easily opened and closed. When the flap is opened, one pocket is attached inside, making it convenient for storing small items.
■ A5 size compatible.

Color: GRAY
Size: Horizontal 30 cm x Height 21 cm x Bottom gusset 8 cm
Country of production: Japan

-Natural leather has different facial expressions one by one.There are some scratches and wrinkles, but please enjoy them as a characteristic of the product.We look forward to your understanding.
・ To clean the canvas, use a brush to remove dust, and then wipe it with a damp cloth that has been wrung out tightly.