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Pre-order for November 2021 Delivery

Lot No. VS-210L-OLIVE

SIZE: W 41 cm x H 32 cm x D 17 cm

In our own atelier, we sew, drive, and do almost everything, and it is characterized by the warmth of the hand and the making that can not be done by outsourcing.
The time and effort that can be poured only by our own craftsman and the high level of technology that we have are the best among many bag brands.

■ A medium size 1980WAY drawstring bag that is a modernization of the USMAIL "DOMESTIC US MAIL" drawstring bag from the 3s.
(Not too small, not too big, just the right size for everyday use)
You can use it as a tote bag if you use it without squeezing the strap.
It is an excellent item that can be used as a drawstring bag by squeezing the leather strap from both sides, or as a drawstring shoulder by squeezing the drawstring one-shoulder or round cord from one side.
The antique letterpress stamps are hand-stamped one by one to create an atmosphere.
■ Leather uses soft and fine calfskin.
The more you use it, the more glossy it becomes and the easier it becomes to get used to.
■ A4 size compatible.

Material: CALF SKIN
Color: OLIVE
Size: Horizontal 41 cm x Height 32 cm x Bottom gusset 17 cm
Country of production: Japan
Arrival: Scheduled for September 2021 (delivered sequentially after arrival)

-Natural leather has different facial expressions one by one.There are some scratches and wrinkles, but please enjoy them as a characteristic of the product.
It is hand-dyed to give it a vintage feel, giving it an uneven finish.We look forward to your understanding.

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