Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ


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SIZE: W 39 cm x H 40 --58 cm x D 13 cm

We use original leather made from vegetable tanned tanned leather, which was jointly developed with a tanner specializing in tanned leather, which boasts high technology in Japan, and finished by a traditional hand-dyed method.
In our own atelier, we sew, drive, and do almost everything, and it is characterized by the warmth of the hand and the making that can not be done by outsourcing.
The time and effort that can be poured only by our own craftsman and the high level of technology that we have are the best among many back brands.

■ Roll-top rucksacks are said to have been created for the purpose of allowing outdoor and messenger men at the time to roll and adjust the flaps according to the capacity of their luggage.
■ It is a model using No. 9 canvas impregnated with oil wax containing paraffin (wax).
Paraffin has a long history, and in the 19th century, it is said that the world's first clothing was made by impregnating British hunting coats with paraffin oil.
The choke mark that appears due to friction is one of the charms unique to paraffin, and although the waterproof effect decreases over time, it boasts high robustness that can withstand long-term use.
■ The shoulder uses benz of full vegetable tannin leather from Himeji.The insistence of carefully dyeing each piece with the traditional hand-dyed hill dyeing is a masterpiece!In addition, the shoulder is removable so that it can be used in 2 ways.Please enjoy it by transforming it into a rucksack or shoulder bag according to the mood of the day.
■ Luggage can be taken out from the zipper on the back.
■ Unique texture of materials ・ It is a gem full of craftsmanship that values ​​the vintage of the good old days, the commitment of each part.

Size: Horizontal 39 cm x Height 40-58 cm x Bottom gusset 13 cm
Country of production: Japan

Each piece of natural leather has a different look.There are some scratches, wrinkles and dents, but please enjoy it as a product design.
We look forward to your understanding.