Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ

Superior Labor
coin purse

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SIZE: W 12.0 cm x H 6.3 cm

The brand name Superior Labor means ... (excellent worker).
We are particular about MATERIAL (material), VISUAL & UTILITY (appearance and usefulness), HANDMADE (handmade), MADE IN JAPAN (made in Japan), and develop long-lasting, durable and lean products.

A coin case made of cordovan (horse leather), which is considered to be high-grade leather.
A coin case with a dog's face as a motif, using cordovan (horse leather), which is considered to be high-class leather from the popular animal series.
The leather is three-dimensionally shaped and sewn carefully to create an elegant atmosphere.
Not only as a coin purse, but also as a pouch for storing important things, you can put it in a bag and it will be healed.

Uses the cordovan of SHINKI HIKAKU LEATHER (Japan), which is one of the best horse leather tanners in the world.The rare cordovan, called a leather jewel, has an elegant and sharp luster, has fine fibers and is not easily scratched, and is characterized by a smooth and moist texture.You can also enjoy the secular change peculiar to cordovan.
It's also a great gift.

Fabric: Horse Hide
Color: 2 colors
Size: Horizontal 12.0cm x Vertical 6.3cm
Country of origin: Japan

* Leather products have different facial expressions one by one.Some color unevenness, dents, etc. are the original characteristics of leather.Please understand.

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