Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ


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Lot No. LK-029

This product is based on the so-called service shoes, which were once supplied by the US Navy, and is designed to meet modern needs.
Service shoes are military boots provided by the United States Navy from the 1940s to the 1990s, and were provided to military personnel to wear as a dress code at special ceremonies.
Based on the early 1940s, these service shoes have been made into a gem suitable for the present age by making detailed specifications and design changes and upgrading materials and parts.
It is a versatile pair that can be used not only for rugged styles but also for elegant styles.

■ The material of the upper uses French calf leather finished in Japan.It is characterized by its fine texture and a very beautiful surface.It is one of the most luxurious cowhides, and has a soft touch and high coloring power.
■ The sole adopts the sole of VIBRAM, a global manufacturer, and has excellent grip, durability, and abrasion resistance.
■ For heels, QUABAUG heels, which are still produced in the United States and boast high durability and abrasion resistance, are used.
■ The sole is firmly fixed by the Goodyear welt manufacturing method and has a stable structure.It is a manufacturing method that is often found in vintage work boots and luxury shoes, and is characterized by the comfort that water and sand do not easily enter.
Heavy single, double and triple stitched sewing

Material: CALF SKIN 
With (width): E
USA made Vibram 3 half soles and XNUMX heels
Country of production: Japan

※ Please understand that product delivery may be delayed during the manufacturing process.
There may be some scratches, wrinkles, and differences in color, but please enjoy it as the original design of the leather.We look forward to your understanding.