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Pre-order for July 2022 Delivery

Lot No. LK-028-CAMEL

Based on the vintage mountain boots of the 1930s and 50s in the UK, we arranged the details such as materials and parts to make it a gem suitable for the present age.
This model is reminiscent of Robert Lawrie's mountain boots, which were once highly popular in the UK.

■ The material is the horsehide material of SHINKI HIKAKU LEATHER Co., Ltd.SHINKI HIKAKU LEATHER Co., Ltd. is located in Himeji, the center of the Japanese leather industry, and is one of the few tanners in the world that consistently performs the process from raw leather to leather tanning to finishing as a tanner specializing in horse leather. And, it is highly evaluated all over the world because of its high quality.
Furthermore, the leather used in this product is dyed with JOHN LOFGREN BOOTMAKER original in order to reproduce the vintage hue.
■ One of the features of this product is the Norwegian manufacturing method.In the Norwegian manufacturing method, the sole part is fixed in two directions, horizontal and vertical, and the thickness is increased by sandwiching the mid sole, so that stable comfort can be obtained without blurring even in rocky areas with protrusions. Is a feature.
It is made with high robustness and is a manufacturing method that was once often used for mountain climbing shoes and military shoes.
■ The sole and heel are made from VIBRAM, a global manufacturer, and have excellent grip, durability, and abrasion resistance.
■ Two-color laces are included.Please enjoy according to your taste and coordination.
Heavy single, double and triple stitched sewing

Material: HORSE HIDE 
With (width): E
Country of production: Japan
Built on the John Lofgren 2022 last Includes Japanese made John Lofgren Bootmaker box and dust bags

-Natural leather has different facial expressions one by one.There are some scratches and wrinkles, but please enjoy it as the original design of leather.We look forward to your understanding.

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