Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ



Lot No. LC-118

"PAPA NUI" brand by Mr. John who lives in Australia.It will be a lineup that creates a military style in the individuality and story of the designer.
It is a brand that is particular about being made by properly hired craftsmen by "Made in Japan", not only for fabrics and sewing, but also for small parts.
The Japanese flag "Hinomaru" is a homage to the military and is sewn as a trademark on most of the products in the collection as "PAPA MARU".

-The design is based on a vintage traditional ball cap.The body is made of soft wool with a brownish heather charcoal gray color, and the crown is sewn with off-white wool felt in the shape of the product name, V.
-Kangaroo leather is used for the sweat band.
Kangaroo leather is a durable, light and soft leather that is similar in appearance to cowhide but is said to be about twice as strong.Since the density of leather is very high, it can be processed thinly, and it is a leather that can express the lightness and softness of cloth.
・ 6 panel specifications.
・ Non-wash products.

Material: Body: 100% wool Leather part: KANGAROO LEATHER
Size: M / 57-58cm, L / 59-60cm
Country of production: Japan

・ The size is the actual size, but there may be some individual differences.Please consider it as a guide.

[Cleaning method]
For home care, use a neutral detergent that can wash knit products and wash your hands with a brush.We recommend using a general "fashionable clothes wash" detergent.Or we recommend dry cleaning at a specialty store.You can prevent it from shrinking or losing its shape.