Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ


¥ 43,000
  (A) (B) (C) (D)
S 57 cm 48 cm 60 cm 40 cm
M 60 54 63 43
L 63 58 65 46
XL 66 61 66 48


Lot No. 2036001

Freewheelers' "GREAT LAKES GMT. MFG. CO." Label releases a simple low-gauge sweater.
A sweater made in Japan that is carefully knitted one by one with a traditional hand weft knitting machine (manual), which is often knitted fully automatically in modern times.
In general, most of them are manufactured overseas in consideration of efficiency, but by a few skilled craftsmen, the body and sleeves knitted by hand are combined by linking to finish.
Linking is a craftsmanship by a craftsman who connects each stitch while chasing it with a needle using a sewing method peculiar to knitwear.This linking is finished with a hand weft knitting machine, so there is no doubt that it will be a special outfit.

■ The material is Shetland wool heather thread, which is smooth and soft to the touch.High-quality comfort unique to 100% wool.It is also recommended for those who are not good at the tingling sensation peculiar to wool fabric.
Befitting the name of the trail blazer, it is recommended to coordinate for all outdoor activities such as hunting and mountain climbing, and it simply goes well with jeans.
■ Non-wash products.

Material: 100% wool
Color: 2 COLORS
Country of production: Japan

Staff wearing: L / 40 Height 175cm Weight 72kg
Freewheelers tops always wear L / 40 size.For this product, select L / 40 size as usual.
In addition, all brand products wear L size tops.The pants are wearing W32 inches.Please refer to it.

[Reference example of size]
・ Staff A: Choose XL with a height of 180 cm and a weight of 82 kg.
・ Staff B: Height 168 cm Weight 60 kg Select S.

* The width of the body when worn is longer than the number on the measurement chart and fits the body.
* The size is the actual size, but since it is a knit product, some individual differences may occur.Please consider it as a guide.