Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ


¥ 6,500

Lot No. ELC-011

British brand "EASTMAN LEATHER CLOTHING" that re-produces vintage flight jackets from the 1939 to 1945's with a focus on American military clothing.
Boasting a history of more than 30 years, in order to obtain the same materials as at that time, we asked the parts manufacturer at that time for all the parts in detail, reproduced with exactly the same specifications as at that time, and talked about the real thing revived in the present age. It is a reproductive maker that can do it.

The world view is military, and another label, "ELMC", is a collection inspired by the motorcycle scene in the middle of the 20th century and develops sportswear from biker style.

■ The US military provided various items such as clothing and equipment, but also socks.This product is a model that faithfully reproduces the wool socks provided by the US military in 1944.Not only the texture and design, but also the packaging is faithfully reproduced.
■ Wool socks have excellent hygroscopicity and moisture release, and have the property of absorbing the moisture of the feet and releasing it to the outside.For this reason, it is attractive that it does not get stuffy while having high heat retention.
In addition, because it has moderate elasticity, there is less pressure and tightening, and it also has antibacterial and deodorant effects, so it also has the effect of reducing unpleasant sock odors.
■ It is not so thick as wool socks, and it has a rough and rough texture and a moderate thickness, making it ideal for boot styles.
■ It is a set of two pairs of socks of the same size and color.
■ Non-wash products.

Material: 100% wool
Color: GRAY
Size: S: US 7-8, M: US 9-10, L: US 11-12
Country of origin: United Kingdom

[Cleaning method] For cleaning at home, wash your hands with a neutral detergent that can wash wool products.We recommend using a general "fashionable clothes wash" detergent.Also, avoid using a dryer as it may cause shrinkage.