Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ


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Lot No. CJ043-21-01

THE CORONA UTILITY develops original utility wear that makes full use of all the details such as functional clothes = work wear, military uniforms, outdoor sports wear and its functionality, and industrial sewing We mainly use simple, sturdy and tasteful functional materials, and continue to propose to all those who "think clothes are a part of their lifestyle".

Authentic coverall jacket with 4 pockets.
The orthodox presence that seems to be workwear with three stitches on the corduroy collar is fresh.
It is a vertically long silhouette with a loose body and thick sleeves that are like a work jacket.

■ The fabric uses thick craft canvas from TAKEYARI (Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture), which has a history of over 100 years.The tough material, which is woven with a high density by being woven on a traditional shuttle loom, is a tasteful fabric whose texture increases as it is used.
It is a very durable fabric, which is hard at first but becomes softer as it gets used to it with heat.
Isn't it just the right texture to put on for spring and autumn?
■ The large waist pocket where you can easily put things in, and the chest pocket is pressed with a dot button so that the pocket opening is not opened too much.
■ Non-wash products.

Material:100% COTTON
Color: NAVY
Country of production: Japan
Our regular price 48,000 yen (excluding tax) ⇒ 30% OFF 33,600 yen (excluding tax)

* Model wearing size: L / 40 Height 175cm Weight 72kg
The tops of Corona Utility products always wear L / 40.As usual, this product is L / 40 size and can be worn in a relaxed size.
In addition, all brand products wear L / 40 size.The bottoms wear W32 inches.Please refer to it.

[Reference example of size]
Staff A: Choose a height of 180 cm and a weight of 82 kg XL / 42.
Staff B: Height 168cm Weight 60kg Choose S / 36.

* The size is the actual size, but there may be some individual differences.Please consider it as a guide.