Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ


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With the motif of folk clothes worn by Nepalese men, the chest is smocked to create a feminine dress.

■ Linen material is used for the fabric.Linen is a material that has a strong image of spring and summer, but at first glance, the fabric of this product looks like cotton instead of linen.By tapping French linen to make it soft and fluffy, and brushing the back side, hemp's heat retention is maximized and it is proposed as winter linen.
■ It features smocking on the chest.Smocking, also known as smock embroidery, is a technique that uses European-style embroidery techniques to fix the folds of a sewn and pleated fabric, and is characterized by its elasticity.Originally, it is said to have originated in Hungary, with a device to make straight-cut clothing fit into a rounded human body.
After that, beautiful colors and numerous stitches were introduced in various countries, and it gradually developed decoratively.This method is often used for folk costumes in Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Scotland, etc.
■ It features a compact dolman sleeve body and a fluffy long silhouette, and goes well with a hard impression ARMY blouson.
You can wear it casually with a turtleneck cut-and-sew or knit on the inner, or you can wear it elegantly with a ruffle or silk blouse.
■ Non-washed products.

Material: 100% LINEN
Color: 2 colors
Country of production: Japan
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