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A long tight skirt with pockets on the Mallory jacket, which is synonymous with Nigel Cabourn.Please pay attention to the beautiful silhouette and the hemp wool material woven by the brand original.

■ Hemp wool material woven by the brand original is used for the fabric.It is woven using different materials for the warp and weft, which is called mixed weaving. Hemp is used for the warp and washable wool is used for the weft.
Targeted at the material of the jute bag that holds coffee beans, it was created after repeated trial and error. It is a unique fabric that combines the firm rigidity of hemp with the suppleness of wool.
It has a firm elasticity like the material of a jute bag, but it does not feel tingling, and the natural luster and suppleness of wool is added to make it an elegant fabric.
It is also a point not to be overlooked that the use of washable wool for the weft makes it possible to wash at home.
■ The waist pocket has a large-capacity bellows pocket that is typical of the UK, just like the authentic line Mallory jacket.
■ A jacket made of the same material is also available, so it is recommended to coordinate with the setup.

Material: Outer material: 64% HEMP, 36% wool
   Lining: 50% COTTON, 50% HEMP
Color: 2 colors
Country of production: Japan
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[Reference example of size]
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・ Staff B: Select height 163 cm, weight 46 kg 6 / S.
・ Staff C: Select height 165cm, weight 57kg, 10 / L.

* The size is the actual size, but there may be some individual differences.Please consider it as a guide.

・ The jacket of the setup isPlease see here ▼