Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ


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6 / S 56 cm 47 cm 76 cm -
8 / M 58 49 77 -

Lot No. 8043-08-40001

A crew neck sweater with shiny linen and fine cashmere.Please enjoy the high-quality texture that you can enjoy because of its simple design.

■ It is a knit that is knitted using threads with completely different properties of linen and cashmere.
Linen has a strong image of a spring-summer material, but it also has a certain degree of heat retention because it contains air in the fibers and the air releases excess heat to keep it cool in summer and retain heat in winter. It is a material.
Cashmere is delicate and lightweight, yet has excellent heat retention and moisture retention, and is characterized by a soft touch.
By knitting the threads of these two materials into "pull-aligned threads" that are treated like a single thread without twisting, we have created a unique texture.Please enjoy the unevenness and expression of the threads seen in simple knitted fabrics.
■ It is also characterized by being tightly clogged and having rubber threads woven into the cuffs to prevent it from losing its shape.
By repeating wearing and washing, cashmere's very thin and soft fluff will stand up, gradually thickening and changing to be more soft to the touch.
■ The thickness of the knit is about the middle gauge with a moderate thickness.
■ Non-wash products.

Material: 66% LINEN, 34% CASHMERE
Color: 3 colors
Country of production: Japan

Model wearing size: 8 / M Height 170cm
Nigel Cabourn Women's tops are always worn in 10 / L size. For items available in 6 sizes, 8 / S and 2 / M, wear 8 / M because it is a little larger.Please refer to it.

[Reference example of size]
・ Staff A: Choose height 156cm, weight 55kg 6 / S.
・ Staff B: Select height 163 cm, weight 46 kg 6 / S.
・ Staff C: Height 165cm Weight 57kg 8 / M is selected.

[Cleaning method]
For home care, wash your hands with a mild detergent that can wash knit products.We recommend using a general "fashionable clothes wash" detergent.Or we recommend dry cleaning at a specialty store.You can prevent it from shrinking or losing its shape.

* The width of the body when worn is longer than the number on the measurement chart and fits the body.

* The size is the actual size, but since it is a knit product, some individual differences may occur.Please consider it as a guide.