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Lot No. 8043-00-00060

This model is based on the N-2 deck coat, which is a long-length winter workwear used by the US Navy, and uses the brand's original fabric, HALFTEX.
This product is even more reversible and has a unique arrangement that is typical of Nigel Cabourn.

■ A vintage of 100 years old natural cotton canvas, targeting the material of the trench coat worn during World War I, which is one of the vintage collections owned by Mr. Nigel Cabourn. "HALFTEX Halftex" is a new material that reproduces the texture, toughness, and surprisingly lightness.
Halftex uses a hollow design nylon spun (short fiber) and is an ultra-lightweight nylon fabric with "dry and natural texture", "extremely high nylon rigidity", and "amazing lightness due to the hollow design". It is an original material that features.
Although it looks heavy with alpaca wool on one side, please enjoy the surprisingly light comfort when you wear it.
■ Alpaca wool in the bore is a high-class material that is light and has excellent heat retention.In addition, it does not easily become pills and is a very durable material compared to wool.Not only does it have high heat retention, but it also feels comfortable and feels stress-free.
■ Since both sides have large pockets on the waist, it has sufficient storage capacity as an outerwear.
■ The cuffs are ribbed with a knit material for high wind insulation, and the knitted fabric is changed in two stages to give a proper fit.
■ Non-wash products.

Material: Outer material: 100% NYLON Body back: Base cloth: 100% COTTON 
   Bore: 80% wool, 20% ALPACA Sleeve lining: 100% COTTON 
   Rib: 100% wool Leather part: Cowhide
Color: KHAKI (1-195)
Country of production: Japan
Built on the John Lofgren 2021 last Includes Japanese made John Lofgren Bootmaker box and dust bags

* Model wearing size: 48 / L Height 175cm Weight 72kg
Nigel Cabourn tops are always worn in size 48 / L.This product is just 48 / L size as usual.There is also room to wear something thick to some extent on the inner.
In addition, all brand products wear L size tops.Please refer to it.

[Reference example of size]
Staff A: Choose height 180cm, weight 82kg 50 / XL.
Staff B: Choose height 168 cm, weight 60 kg 46 / M.

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