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This model uses the jacket operated by the New Zealand Allied Forces as a design motif and arranges it into a feminine dress.The silhouette that falls with a stone is an adult-like first place.

■ The British Army Special Air Service has revived the camouflage fabric that it operated.With the aim of further sublimating the vintage XNUMX years ago and reviving it to the present day, we are repeating a very elaborate process.
Ordinary camouflage printing is finished by printing the pattern with a simple dye in a few colors on the base single color fabric, but this product prints on the white fabric and stacks multiple plates.
For coloring, dyes, pigments, and over dyes are used properly according to the pattern, and even the subtle misalignment of the vintage has been reproduced.Of course, it is too risky to use these coloring methods with completely different features because their physical characteristics are too different.Therefore, a simple camouflage pattern printed in a few colors is common.The camouflage pattern itself has a moving composition, but for this reason it gives the impression of a flat plate when viewed as a printed fabric.
This product has a very rich expression with a lot of undulations that is completely different from those.
The fabric is light and thin cotton twill fabric, which is cool and comfortable to wear even in midsummer.
■ It is a sleeveless dress that is worn with a pullover instead of a front opening, and features an epaulette on the shoulder and a pocket with a large gusset called a bellows pocket on the waist.
■ Washed products

Material:100% COTTON
Color: BEIGE (2-170)
Country of production: Japan
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