Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ


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  (A) (B) (C) (D)
6 / S 66 cm 46 cm 57 cm 38 cm
8 / M 68 48 58 39
10 / L 70 49 59 40

Lot No. 8042-08-10004


This model uses the original color paisley pattern for the design of Nigel Cabourn Woman's basic style shirt and British Officer's shirt.It features a soft texture that is extremely comfortable to wear.

■ Weave cotton material with fine count yarn in plain weave.It is a material that is thin yet has a moderate elasticity, and has a soft and light texture that feels good against the skin.As it is thin, you can wear it not only in spring and summer but also in all seasons.
■ The collar is a regular color, and the left chest has a patch pocket.
■ It features a front vertical specification that ends at the position of the 5th button, and a left body that swells while drawing a gentle curve from that position.
To make up for the lack of strength of the 6th button, which does not have a front length, a square gusset is purposely used from the back side.You can also wear the tucked-in style neatly.
■ We use elegant shell button and tighten the whole.
■ Washed products

Material:100% COTTON
Color: XNUMX colors
Country of production: Japan
Our regular price: 24,000 yen (excluding tax) ⇒ 30% OFF  16,800 yen (excluding tax)

[Reference example of size]
Staff A Height 165cm
I always wear size 8 / M shirts for Nigel Cabourn Woman products. Select 8 / M.
Staff B height 170 cm
Nigel Cabourn Woman's shirts always wear size 10 / L. Select 10 / L.

* The size is the actual size, but there may be some individual differences.Please consider it as a guide.