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SIZE: W 54 cm x H 42 cm x D 36 cm

Based on the U.S. NAVY laundry bag of the XNUMXs, this bag is made from hemp denim fabric that has been woven in an original way with specifications that are easier to use.

■ This product uses hemp denim material woven by the brand.
Hemp is a type of hemp that is extremely durable compared to other hemp such as linen.In addition, it can be finished with a thread that has a moderate elasticity and crispness compared to linen.However, it is extremely difficult to complete this hemp as a thread because it requires high skill and experience.It is extremely difficult to weave this thread, and if you apply too much tension or increase the speed too much, the thread will break.
Therefore, I use an old-fashioned power loom, but since it is a primitive machine, there are considerable individual differences, so I have to limit it to only one.Moreover, there is only one veteran professional who can weave this fabric using this machine.
In this way, hemp denim with unique elasticity and moderate hardness is woven.The hardness of normal denim depends on the glue that is struck during weaving.However, since hemp denim is derived from the pectin that hemp originally has, the more you use it, the more familiar it becomes and the more it does not lose its shape.This property is the same as Harris Tweed.
■ It can be used not only as a tote bag, but also as an original laundry bag by storing the handle and squeezing the cord.
■ As it is designed to be used by both men and women, it is also recommended as a gift.
■ Non-wash products.

Material: 100% HEMP Leather part: Cowhide 
Size: Horizontal 54cm x Height 42cm x Bottom gusset 36cm
Country of production: Japan

Some leather is used for this product.Each piece of natural leather has a different look.There are some scratches and wrinkles, but please enjoy it as a product design.
In addition, some parts that use hemp denim material look like neps or uneven weaving, but this material is unique and you can enjoy it as a product design.
We look forward to your understanding.