Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ


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A short-sleeved polo shirt made from Kanoko material woven by the brand.
At first glance, it has a very simple design, but you should also pay attention to the fabrics and fine details.

■ For the fabric, we use the original fabric developed based on the Kanoko fabric of the French vintage polo shirt woven in the XNUMXs.
Normally, Kanoko fabric is knitted by aligning threads with the same count, but the fabric of this product is knitted by aligning threads with different counts of XNUMX and XNUMX, and these threads with different thicknesses are knitted. By forming the knitted fabric in pairs and snuggling up to each other, the uneven expression peculiar to Kanoko becomes clearer and is upgraded.
It has a solid thickness and firmness, yet it is comfortable to wear with a refreshing feeling suitable for summer.
■ The button uses a cat-eye button that is often seen in vintage shirts.
■ The chest has a pocket that can be opened and closed with a button, and a ribbon-shaped accessory is attached next to the button.
■ The broad arrow that you can see when you raise the collar is also a must-see point.The arrow-shaped mark that often appears in Nigel Cabourn, Broad Arrow, was originally an arrow-shaped mark indicating that it was a British government property, and was attached to military equipment from the end of the 17th century, but since then it has been attached to military equipment. It was also widely used.
■ This product is not available in size 44 / S.Please check in advance.
■ Washed products

Material:100% COTTON
Color: XNUMX colors
Country of production: Japan
Our regular price: 18,000 yen (excluding tax) ⇒ 30% OFF  12,600 yen (excluding tax)

* Model wearing size: 48 / L Height 175cm, Weight 72kg
Nigel Cabourn product shirts always wear 48 / L.This product is also 48 / L and can be worn in just the right size.In addition, all brand products wear L / 40 size tops.Please refer to it.

[Reference example of size]
・ Staff A: Height 180cm Weight 82kg 50 / XL is selected.
・ Staff B: Select height 168 cm, weight 60 kg 46 / M.

* The size is the actual size, but since it is a washed product, there may be some individual differences.Please consider it as a guide.