Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ

Nigel Cabourn x Closed

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¥ 130,000
  (A) (B) (C) (D)
S 100 cm 67 cm 63 cm 56 cm
M 102 69 64 57
L 104 72 65 58

It is a collaboration model of Nigel Cabourn and Italian denim brand, Closed.
Closed is a traditional denim brand founded in 1978, and this collaboration is based on vintage uniforms worn by battleship and submarine crews.

■ A design that mixes designs such as the military parka M-1950 adopted by the US military in the 51s and the cold weather parka used by the British army for cold regions, and puts batting on the body to improve cold protection. is.
■ Thinsulate is used for the batting.Thinsulate is a chemical fiber developed by 3M in the United States that allows more air to be contained between fibers. It has a higher density than general polyester, does not allow heat to escape, and the fiber itself. Is an epoch-making material that is extremely lightweight because it is as thin as feathers.
A light and warm batting that is also used in the official clothing of the Ski Association of Japan and winter sports.
■ It features a boa inside the hood, a large flap pocket on the front, and a heavy waist belt with a metal buckle.
■ The front zip is a double zip specification.
■ It is a slightly spacious and large size feeling.Please check the actual size for details.
■ Non-wash products.

Material: Outer material: 65% COTTON, 35% POLYETHYLENE Lining Body back: 100% COTTON 
   Lining Sleeve lining: 100% NYLON Hood bore: 79% wool, 21% POLYESTER
   Batting: 100% POLYESTER
Color: 2 colors
Country of origin: China

* Model wearing size: M Height 175 cm Weight 72 kg
Nigel Cabourn product tops are always worn in size 48 / L.This product is M and can be worn with a sense of size.
Also, models always wear size L for all branded products.Please refer to it.

[Reference example of size]
・ Staff A: Choose a height of 180 cm and a weight of 80 kg L.
・ Staff B: Height 168 cm Weight 60 kg Select S.

The size is the actual size, but there may be some individual differences.Please consider it as a guide.