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Introducing the women's model of Naval Dungaree, which has become a popular item representing Nigel Cabourn.
Based on the U.S. NAVY deck pants of the 1940s, which was created only by Mr. Nigel Cabourn who is familiar with vintage military, it is a design that mixes the details of various vintage military wear.
It also features a clean silhouette that is tapered, which is unusual for overalls.

■ The material is cotton poplin material.Poplin is often associated with a thin fabric, but the fabric of this product has an appropriate thickness and is a fabric with a sense of security that gives a firm sense of firmness and density.In addition, the wash process adds a vintage feel that is typical of Nigel Cabourn without being too beautiful.This product has a cotton lining, so you can wear it warmly even after it gets cold.
■ A zip is attached to the front pocket in the center of the breastplate, and pockets that also function as hand warmers are attached to both sides.In addition, the cargo pocket on the left side of the thigh has a small pocket that opens and closes with a snap button, but this is the design of the British Air Force's cold weather flight suit, originally the knife used when cutting the parachute thread etc. It is a pocket to put.
■ The unisex Naval Dungaree has a large cargo pocket on the hip, but this product does not have a pocket and has a padding cloth for reinforcement.This will give you a beautiful silhouette without the hips becoming sluggish.
■ The WHITE color is actually a color that feels like off-white or natural (generated).
■ Washed products

Material: 100% COTTON Leather included: Cowhide
Color: 2 colors
Country of origin: China
Our regular price: 42,000 yen (excluding tax) ⇒ 30% OFF  29,400 yen (excluding tax)

Model wearing size 8 / M Height 170cm
* Nigel Cabourn Woman's pants always wear size 8 / M.As usual, this product is 8 / M in size and can be worn with a perfect fit.

* The actual size of the waist is the value obtained by measuring from one end of the lower clip part to the other and doubling it, and the rise is the value from the overlapping part of the stitches on the crotch part to the top of the breastplate.

* The size is the actual size, but there may be some individual differences due to the washed products.Please consider it as a guide.