Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ


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The collaboration item born from the friendship between Nigel Cabourn and Japan's leading fashion designer Yasuhiro Mihara for more than 10 years is the sneaker that has become one of the representative items of Maison Mihara Yasuhiro.
The long-awaited third release is a design based on combat shoes.

■ It is a pair that features a voluminous silhouette that makes your legs look bigger when worn.
■ Based on the French military M-47 military boots, it is a pair full of arrangements and playfulness unique to the collaboration model, such as the characteristic sole and broad arrow of the tongue part.
■ A whistle with a broad arrow engraved on it is included.
■ Mr. Nigel Cabourn himself is a very popular product that he also loves.If you are interested, please do so as soon as possible.

Material: UPPER 100% COTTON / SOLE 100% RUBBER
Color: GREEN (1-190)
Country of origin: China
Our regular price: 35,000 yen (excluding tax) ⇒ 50% OFF  17,500 yen (excluding tax)

* If you always choose size 8.5 / 27cm for Nigel Cabourn sneakers, you can choose size 42 / 27cm.Please refer to the size selection.

* Due to the manufacturing of shoes, there may be adhesive adhesion, sewing misalignment, and distortion, but please note that this is not a defective product.