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Nigel Cabourn Woman

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A basket bag made by weaving the bark of a mountain vine known as a "growth basket".

■ The bark of mountain grapes is a durable material that is said to be usable for more than 100 years if it is used while being repaired. As it is used, its luster and elasticity increase, and it changes over time like leather. It is a material that you can enjoy.
■ The inner bag uses a British-derived Denison camo pattern that is typical of Nigel Cabourn. Available in two colors, GREEN and BLUE.
You can enjoy it even if you change the inner bag to your drawstring purse and arrange it.
■ The wallet, smartphone, keys, notebook, etc. have a capacity that fits comfortably, making it the perfect size for town use.

Material: Body: Natural vegetation (mountain grape) Inner bag: 100% LINEN
Size: W 27cm x H 17cm x D 12cm
Color: 2 colors
Country of origin: China

* Natural plants have different facial expressions one by one.There may be some fluffing and differences in color, but please enjoy it as a product design.We look forward to your understanding.

* This product is a continuation product from last season.The product number may differ from the listed product depending on the season.Therefore, the product number at the time of shipment may be different, but please note that it will be the same product.