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Nigel Cabourn

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From Nigel Cabourn, a leather pouch made of Chromexcel leather is now available.

■ The leather part uses the finest Chromexcel leather from the long-established American leather maker HORWEEN.
Since it contains more oil than general leather, the leather is hard to break and is soft.In this product, by adding oil to this Chromexcel leather to the limit, it becomes a leather that is more supple than normal Chromexcel leather and is suitable for long-term patronage.The moist feel is also attractive.
■ Since the flap part has a brass hosta, it is easy to open and close.
■ The length of the strap is about 28 cm.It can be used for a wide range of purposes depending on the idea, such as a pen case, a passbook / card holder, a storage for storing small items such as accessories, and a compact clutch bag.

Material :: Cowhide
Size: W 22cm x H 12cm x D 1.5cm
Color: BROWN (1-160)
Country of production: Japan

(Note) Some leather is used for this product.Each piece of natural leather has a different look.There are some scratches and wrinkles, but please enjoy it as a product design.We look forward to your understanding.

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"MAIN LINE", a production line centered on Japan
"AUTHENTIC LINE" centered on the United Kingdom.
These lines are the characteristics of the material, the history and tradition of factories and craftsmen,
Based on the advantages of each country, Nigel Cabourn himself
It is sorted and designed by hand.
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