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Nigel Cabourn

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From Nigel Cabourn, the home of Panama hats, Panama hats made in Ecuador are now available.Despite being made in earnest using high-quality materials, it comes with two removable leather bands, making it a bit different from a typical Panama hat.

■ Panama hat is a hat made by knitting the leaves of Tokiya grass (Panama grass), which originated in Ecuador in South America.The name Panama Hat, which is now commonly used, has become widespread worldwide because President Theodore Roosevelt of the United States wore this hat when he visited the construction site of the Panama Canal.
Its characteristic is that it is durable and light.Due to its light comfort, it has become an indispensable item for summer fashion in modern times.
■ This product is genuine Ecuador and is woven from fine-grained, high-quality Tokiya grass.It's a very soft material, so it can be folded.
■ Two leather bands are included.Dark brown uses the finest Chromexcel leather from the long-established American leather maker HORWEEN.
Since it contains more oil than general leather, the leather is hard to break and is soft.In this product, by adding oil to this Chromexcel leather to the limit, it becomes a leather that is more supple than normal Chromexcel leather and is suitable for long-term patronage.The moist feel is also attractive.
In addition, the bright brown color uses leather tanned with vegetable tannins.
As you continue to use it, it becomes more supple and gradually changes to amber, so please enjoy the process as well.
You can enjoy it by changing the color according to your mood or wearing it without a band.
■ The hat has a slightly deeper cover and a long brim of about 6.5 cm, and has a silhouette that is easy to wear without any habit.

Material: Natural grass (Panama grass) Leather part: Cowhide 
Size: Head circumference about 6 cm
Color: BEIGE (1-170)
Country of origin: Ecuador

* The size is the actual size, but there may be some individual differences.Please consider it as a guide.