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Nigel Cabourn

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Nigel Cabourn camouflage ties have arrived.

■ We adopt camouflage pattern fabric developed by brand original for fabric.
Normally, camouflage pattern printing is completed by printing the pattern in three colors on a single color fabric in a simple process, or by instantly printing with an inkjet print.
However, this fabric uses dyes, pigments, and over dyes according to the pattern, and reproduces even the exquisite misalignment of the vintage, making it a camouflage pattern with a very rich expression that is rich in undulations.
It is a fabric that you can look forward to aging, which comes out by using different dyeing methods.
■ The fabric has a moderate thickness and a smooth texture, so you can wear it all season.
Even with a camouflage pattern, it looks plain from a distance, so it is easy to incorporate into coordination and you can enjoy a higher-grade coordination.
■ As you can wear it in a wide range of scenes, it is also recommended as a gift!

Material:100% COTTON 
Color: CAMO (1-520)
Country of production: Japan

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