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Nigel Cabourn x Timex


Even in the category of military watches, TIMEX was the pioneer and actually developed a watch-type military watch in the 1910s at the request of the US military.
Introducing the second wristwatch that the company, which boasts a history of more than 160 years, and Nigel Cabourn have teamed up.
Even in modern times, Camper-based collaboration watches, which are widely recognized in the watch industry and fashion industry as the "top of practical watches" or "ultimate basics", will appear.

■ TIMEX was founded in 1854 and developed the earliest military watch of the US military in 1917.In World War II, he paid the US military a bomb timer and received an award from the US government for his achievements.In the later Vietnam War, a "disposable watch" that did not require repair or replacement on the battlefield was developed and provided to US military soldiers by purchase by the US government.This watch was later sold as a consumer product under the name "Camper" and has since become a bestseller to this day due to its high practicality.
■ The design is inspired by the referee watch that was actually used in the golden age of football in the 1950s.
■ Comes with a special canvas bag, 2-tone nylon NATO belt and leather belt.You can change it if you like.

Case material: STAINLESS STEEL
Size: Approximately 40mm in diameter
Windshield: Dome type
Movement: Quartz made in Japan
Country of origin: Philippines

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Things that change Things that never change

Values ​​that consume a lot of things, experience various things, and finally reach.
Beyond fluctuating tastes, depending on trends and moods
Things that change Things that never change
Nigel Cabourn
For all the men who continue to seek the real thing.

"MAIN LINE", a production line centered on Japan
"AUTHENTIC LINE" centered on the United Kingdom.
These lines are the characteristics of the material, the history and tradition of factories and craftsmen,
Based on the advantages of each country, Nigel Cabourn himself
It is sorted and designed by hand.
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