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Introducing 3-pack socks with a unique approach that is unique to Nigel Cabourn.
The point is plying.Plying is the twisting of cotton wool, such as cotton wool, into short fibers into a single yarn.This product is a set of socks made from yarns made by three types of twisting methods: ring spinning yarns, open-end spinning yarns, and VORTEX spinning yarns.
Please enjoy the difference in texture and touch due to the difference in thread even with the same cotton material.

■ No.1 open-end spinning yarn ■

Born in the 1950s.A method of spinning with the power of air.Break the sliver into smaller chunks and place them in an open-end spinning machine.In a machine, short fibers are separated and converged again in an air vortex, while being twisted and spun.Centrifugal force causes relatively coarse fibers to gather on the outer shell, resulting in moderate hardness on the surface of the yarn, which is characterized by a dry touch.

■ No.2 ring spinning yarn ■

Developed around the 1830s.Prior to that, it was hand-spun by spinning a spinning wheel, so it is the oldest and most basic method of spinning by machine.A sliver (a mass like cotton wool with only the directions of the short fibers aligned in the direction of the short fibers before spinning) is roughly threaded and pulled out with a roller, passed through a ring that rotates around the bobbin, and wound around the bobbin. I will.At this time, the bobbin itself also rotates at high speed, so it is a mechanism that twists according to the movement and speed of both.It is a spinning method that has been passed down to the present day, and its touch is extremely orthodox and stable.

■ No.3 VORTEX spun yarn ■

The latest Japanese technology is condensed.The swirling flow of compressed air causes the tips of the short fibers to converge to the center of the yarn cross section, and from there toward the outer shell of the yarn, it is spun uniformly, regularly and evenly.Since the trailing end of the short fiber wraps around the other short fibers with a constant tension, there are fewer pills and fluff.In addition, since the center of the converging yarn is almost untwisted, the shape of the yarn itself is eliminated.It is an epoch-making manufacturing method that makes full use of modern Japanese spinning technology.It is a spun yarn that is often used for underwear because it has a very smooth touch.

■ The soles of the feet are made of thick loops and are comfortable to wear, and all of them have a thick texture, so they are highly durable and heat-retaining socks.
■ Non-wash products.
■ Comes with a special bag.

Material: No.1: 95% COTTON, 5% NYLON
   No.2: 83% COTTON, 17% NYLON
Size: Free (corresponding to about 22 cm to 25 cm)
Color: 3 colors
Country of production: Japan

* This product is a seasonless continuation product.The product number may differ from the listed product depending on the season.
Therefore, the product number at the time of shipment may be different, but please note that it will be the same product.