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Nigel Cabourn

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A jacket designed based on vintage wear operated by the Swedish Army in Scandinavia in the 1940s.
Featuring a simple design that eliminates extra decoration, this hoodie is designed as the outermost shell that shuts out all wind, rain, dust, etc.

■ We adopt Taslan nylon for fabric.It is an extremely thin, light and dry fabric, but it has excellent strength.By being moderately fluffy like natural fibers such as cotton, it is less likely to stick to the skin than general nylon materials, and the luster peculiar to nylon materials is suppressed.In addition, it is dyed with a plant-derived dye to achieve a color similar to that of a cotton material.
■ The large flap shape of the four pockets with excellent storage capacity and the button positions are all faithful reproductions of the original vintage wear.
■ The inside of the large hood has been changed in color, which is an accent to the design.

Material: 100% NYLON
Color: INDIGO (2-206)
Embossed padded leather heel pad D/Medium width
Our regular price: 46,000 yen (excluding tax) ⇒ 20% OFF 36,800 yen (excluding tax)

* Model wearing size: 48 / L Height 175cm Weight 72kg
I always wear 48 / L size shirts and jackets made by Nigel Cabourn.This product is just 48 / L as usual.In addition, all brand products wear L / 40 size tops.Please refer to it.

* The size is the actual size, but there may be some individual differences.Please consider it as a guide.

* This product is not available in size 44.Please check in advance.

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Things that change Things that never change
Nigel Cabourn
For all the men who continue to seek the real thing.

"MAIN LINE", a production line centered on Japan
"AUTHENTIC LINE" centered on the United Kingdom.
These lines are the characteristics of the material, the factories and craftsmen with history and tradition, and those countries.
Based on the advantages, it is sorted and designed by Nigel Cabourn himself.
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