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Nigel Cabourn Woman

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6 55 cm 50 cm 20 cm 37 cm
8 56 52 20 38
10 57 54 20 39

The design is based on the training wear used by the British Army.The right body is in the 1930s and the left is in the 1940s.It is a unique gem that faithfully reproduces the designs of different specifications from different times and boldly connects them in the center of the body.Every season, Nigel Cabourn's popular outfit is released in short sleeves.

■ Freedom sleeves, set-in sleeves, waffle materials, sweatshirt materials, and other elaborate details of various ages are combined into one outfit, and you can enjoy the splendor of sewing using the highest technology.
■ As was originally used in the 3's on the right side, we use a sewing machine called Flat Cima that connects parts without overlapping cloth as much as possible, and a lock sewing machine in the 4's on the left side.
■ Three arrows called broad arrows are embroidered.
■ Washed products

Material:100% COTTON
Color: GRAY (2-05)
Embossed padded leather heel pad D/Medium width

Model wearing size 8 / M Height 170 cm
* I usually wear size 8 / M for the tops of Nigel Cabourn Woman products.This product also has the same size as usual.

* The size is the actual size, but there may be some individual differences.Please consider it as a guide.

* The sizes S to L are simply replaced with Japanese sizes.Please check the actual size before purchasing.

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Things that change Things that never change

Values ​​that consume a lot of things, experience various things, and finally reach.
Beyond fluctuating tastes, depending on trends and moods
Things that change Things that never change
Nigel Cabourn
For all the men who continue to seek the real thing.

"MAIN LINE", a production line centered on Japan
"AUTHENTIC LINE" centered on the United Kingdom.
These lines are the characteristics of the material, the history and tradition of factories and craftsmen,
Based on the advantages of each country, Nigel Cabourn himself
It is sorted and designed by hand.
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