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Following the 2012 Manson boots, the second collaboration boots of Red Wing and Nigel Cabourn have arrived.
Inspired by the B-5 boots that were made as British combat boots during World War I, the "Manson B-5 chukka boots" are made by adding the tastes of both brands to the chukka boots.

■ For the last, we adopted Manson Last, which was developed by Dr. Manson for infantry boots in 1912.
The biggest feature is the shape of the toes that are made to follow the line of the toes.Made to bulge from the center of the toe to the thumb, this last is designed to reduce the weight of the shoe by eliminating the dead space of the toe without tightening the toe.
Originally, this last is a type with a toe height, but like the B-5 boots, it is finished without using a toecap, so the volume is modest and the toes are soft and easy to wear.
■ BEIGE color is a rough out (suede leather with silver) with oil finished with wax and has a unique shade that can be said to be used by buffing.
BLACK is a so-called brown-core black leather, and as you wear it, the brown background under the black film on the surface appears and you can enjoy aging.
■ The sole uses a leather base with a grip and a highly durable Glocord Medallion sole.The original Glocord sole is a rubber sole used by Red Wing in the 1920s and 30s, and the design of the rubber part is based on the Glocord sole at that time.
■ Two types of leather lace of Roden green and brown round cord of wax to match the stitch color of the upper are attached.

Built on the John Lofgren XNUMX last
Color: 2 colors
Country of origin: USA
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* Leather products have different facial expressions one by one.Please note that some color unevenness, dents, etc. are the original characteristics of leather.We look forward to your understanding.
* This product has a relatively small size.
If you always choose size 8.5 / 26.5cm for boots such as Red Wing Irish Setter, you can choose size 9 / 27cm.Please refer to the size selection.