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This is an original piece made from fabric based on the 10-button overcoat that was mainstream during World War I.
We have slightly modified and finished the first model of the early 1913 model.
Double-breasted long length with 13 10-star anchor buttons, XNUMX-button design with hand warmers, rounded collar points and rounded waist pocket flaps are the biggest features of the first model. I will.
The unique sewing technique, such as the elegant form of the tailor-made pattern and the manual cotton padding that is done to create a firm line from the shoulder to the chest, can be said to be a gem unique to Freewheelers. ..

■ The quality of the fabric is not ashamed of the overcoat of the US Navy's senior sailors at that time, and we use wool melton, which weaves fine count yarn at high density and weighs 20 meltons, which is 1 kg in meter.
Wool melton that is so solid is highly windproof and has a natural water-repellent effect, so it seems that you can easily protect the sailors from the sea breeze.
In addition, the lining is also luxuriously made using wool surge fabric that is used for luxury men's suits.
The lining is stenciled, and after the overcoat provided to the Brooklyn Navy Yard's senior sailors was recovered, the US Coast Guard took over and defended the port in the New York area of ​​the anti-submarine "Peakott". It indicates that it was repaid to the crew.
■ Non-wash products.

Material: 100% wool
カ ラ ー : NAVY
Country of production: Japan
Built on the John Lofgren 2021 last Includes Japanese made John Lofgren Bootmaker box and dust bags

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