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Lot S506 XX
1944-45 MODEL

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36 56 cm 52 cm 61 cm 43 cm
38 57 55 62 44
40 59 57 63 46
42 61 59 63 48
44 63 60 64 50
46 64 62 65 53

Lot No. 2121011


On December 1941th 12, World War II broke out, involving the entire world due to the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese army.
After that, until the end of the war in August 1945, it had an influence on the continental United States in the form of restrictions such as price control and material saving.
As was the case in the history of jeans, a number of products commonly referred to as war models resulted in distorted and enthusiastic details that occurred under the regulations, creating a wide variety of combinations. It will give off a special shine.
It can be seen from the vintage war model that the simplification (SIMPLIFIED) by the detailed specification change remains until the middle of 1946 after the war.
The 1944-1945 War model of this product is a peculiar model that is exactly the constraint of the constraint, the regulation is the strongest, and many details are omitted and simplified.

■ The fabric is intentionally changed to a dark indigo dye that does not easily fade, and by rejecting the restriction of lowering the ounce and increasing the count of the conventional warp yarn, a slight ounce is raised as a result.
Because thick threads are used for the warp threads, you can enjoy a hard vertical drop feeling.
Since ounce down impairs durability, it is released aiming for high quality and durability by maintaining the toughness of work clothes during wartime and maintaining thick count thread and skill / process for sewing.
■ The button uses a laurel one-star engraved donut button.Since the number of front buttons is limited to four, it is one less than usual.
■ Removal of pocket flaps.All stitch colors are brand original mustard yellow.
■ Large pleats are placed on both sides of the back yoke, and the cinch back on the back is a solid specification that does not add coloring.
■ Washed products

Material:100% COTTON
Country of production: Japan

* Model wearing size: L / 40 Height 175cm Weight 72kg
Freewheelers product tops are always worn in L / 40 size.As usual, this product is L / 40 size and fits perfectly.
Tops of all brand products wear L / 40 size.The bottoms are wearing W32 inches.Please refer to it.

[Reference example of size]
・ Staff A: Select height 168 cm, weight 60 kg M / 38.
・ Staff B: Height 180cm Weight 82kg XL / 42 is selected.

* The size is the actual size, but since it is a washed product, there may be some individual differences. It is just a suggestion.
* Size 46 is designed to have a joint in the center of the back.