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W30 78 cm 35 cm 29 cm 19 cm 86 cm
W32 82 37 30 21 86
W34 87 40 31 22 86
W36 92 41 32 22 89
The so-called double-ball chinos with the motif of the Trousers from the 1930s to the early 1940s, which was adopted by the US Army during World War II, have been released.
It features a slightly thicker silhouette than the M-1942 Trousers. (M-1942 Trousers HBTherePlease refer to)

■ The material uses twill-woven cotton chino cloth that uses yarn-dyed yarn with strong uneven yarn.The color will fade vertically with a firm and firm texture.
■ The silhouette is the same as the vintage, the hips and thighs are loose silhouettes, and it is a thick silhouette that is preferred by professionals with a slight taper.Isn't it a military chinos that feels moderately vintage and unfashionable?
■ The hip pocket is located at a slightly lower position, and the pockets on both sides are slightly closer to the side.
■ The front has a urea button, which is a specification that seems to be a Civilian model.In the vintage, metal buttons are used, but in consideration of durability, urea buttons are used.
■ Washed products

Material:100% COTTON
Color: KHAKI
Country of production: Japan

* Model wearing size: W32 Height 175cm Weight 72kg
I always wear W32 pants for Freewheelers products.This product is also W32 inches as usual and is a perfect fit.
In addition, the bottoms of all brand products are W32 inches.Please refer to it.

[Reference example of size]
・ Staff A: Height 182cm Weight 80kg W34 is selected.
・ Staff B: Height 168cm Weight 60kg W30 is selected.

* The size is the actual size, but there may be some individual differences due to the washed products.Please consider it as a guide.