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St. Helens Finest De Luxe

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LOGGER, LUMBERJACK ... These are the names that express the lumberjack.
What anyone can imagine from that name is the figure of a Yama-bito with a strong physique.
In the 19th and early 20th centuries, their job of cutting, transporting, and processing timber, sometimes referred to as "a treasure richer than gold," from mountains and primeval forests was a special profession.
It resonates with the world view of their strong Yama-bito, who are such "LOGGING WORKER", and is the source of the collection.It does not follow the logger style of the time as it is, but the clothing that has evolved according to the needs of special professions such as loggers and timber cruisers has exceptional beauty and features that are full of robustness and functionality. ..
It influenced later work wear, spreading to modern casual wear as a style, and to general clothing.
What the Freewheelers are trying to do with the collection now is to express with a new perspective while emphasizing the sense of the times and the atmosphere created by skillfully incorporating and fusing motifs, details and materials such as outdoor and work military. We would like you to feel the toughness and spirit of their LOGGER by proposing a powerful lineup that allows you to fully enjoy the feeling of drifting in the freewheelers.

Fedora hat for gentlemen, which is indispensable for autumn / winter coordination, has been released.
It is a work named "St. Helens" from the name of the mountain in the Cascade Range, USA.
Compared to the wool felt that is generally on the market, it is a deluxe model that uses the finest rabbit fur.
The orthodox and simple design is inspired by the 1920s style fedora hat, and the material is high-density, finely trimmed felt with a luxurious use of rabbit fur called antelope.
Although it has an elegant and delicate appearance, it does not easily lose its shape and can be used habitually for many years.
There is a wide range of coordination such as outdoor style, suit style and work wear style, and it creates a gorgeous winter style.
We will deliver it in a hat case with a special crocodile tone.

Material: RABBIT FUR
Brim length: Approximately 5.0 cm
Country of production: Japan

* The size (head circumference) is the actual size, but there may be some individual differences due to handmade products.
Please consider it as a guide.