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From the real name reprint LEATHER TOGS 1940-1950s style single type motorcycle jacket "SPEED MASTER".
This model is an item that did not exist at that time and was created under the setting that LEATHER TOGS would have made a single type motorcycle jacket in the 1940s with the original assumption of Freewheelers.
The feature is that the collar is thinner than the so-called motorcycle jacket of the same style at that time, and it is a slightly higher modified authentic neck.
In addition, the front length, which is conscious of cold weather and wind protection, is about 4 cm longer than the back length, and it is set about 14 cm longer from the zipper to the hem to balance it, so it is a commitment that combines beauty and functionality. The details of are also highlights.

The real name reproduction model of "Leather Togs" which was called King of Leather in the world of many motorcycle jackets and history.
A brand that existed in Massachusetts in the 1920-1940s, it is presumed that all products were custom-made due to the vintage with a personal name on the name tag and the subtle differences in design, parts and details that differ for each individual found.
And the most striking thing is the use of luxurious materials, high functionality, and original design.It's just the ultimate name.

The leather jackets produced by Freewheelers are all extremely unique and will not be something that anyone can slip through without worrying about them.
It is a figure that shows a great deal of knowledge and passion for leather jackets with substance, born with functionality and inevitability in each model, and because it is the ultimate figure that strongly reflects the culture and background of the past. It has a reality that you can only taste through the sleeves.
Please do not hesitate to enjoy it.

■ The material used is a thick and moist horsehide with a hand finish that takes advantage of the texture of the raw leather.
The more you wear it, the more glossy it becomes and the more black it becomes.
The lining uses black cotton flannel for the body and sleeves.
Since the black on the surface is easy to peel off, you can enjoy aging by seeing and hiding the brown base at a relatively early stage, including water and oil, due to friction.
■ From the 2017 model, some changes have been made to the details peculiar to the 1940s and 1950s.
Front zipper changed to large TALON ZIPPER to increase strength, chest pocket chain changed from ball chain to diamond chain, cuff zipper changed from single cuff pin lock to auto lock type, inner pocket specifications, The brand name of LEATHER TOGS has also been renewed and changed.

Fabric: Horse Hide
Country of production: Japan

* The size is the actual size, but there may be some individual differences.Please consider it as a guide.
The length is measured at the center of the back length.
* Natural leather has different facial expressions one by one.There are some scratches and wrinkles, but please enjoy it as a product design.We look forward to your understanding.