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XS 70 cm 50 cm 25 cm 43 cm
S 71 53 28 46
M 74 56 29 49
L 76 59 29 51
XL 77 62 29 54
Imagine what kind of clothes people at that time made and wore about the origin of clothes related to the early motor race scene and the culture and background in the masses. In the 2017 Summer Collection, we will go further into the theme of "THE SPEED", which continues deeper, and will be a lineup built based on the stories of the originators who can be said to be the origin of the thoughts and beliefs of the people at that time. ..
The United States of the 1910-1950s experienced the Great Depression and two global wars, and in motor culture, automobiles and motorcycles rapidly spread to the masses and spread to the general public, so motor sports also became You will get citizenship from some wealthy people to the masses.
In the 1930-1940s, you can see the casual style of young people, and by the time you go through WWII, you can see many people wearing military wear and people who are close to the current summer style. Become.The 2017 Summer Collection expresses such changes in times and styles.

■ It is a model that incorporates the motif of outdoor shirts from the 1910s to 1920s into a baseball shirt style.
■ We adopt 100% linen canvas cloth using fine count thread.The firmness and elasticity peculiar to linen, but the cool texture makes it ideal for hot weather.
■ It features asymmetrical front pockets.
■ Washed products

Material: 100% LINEN
Country of production: Japan

* Model wearing size: 16 / M Height 175cm Weight 72kg Freewheelers products wear shirt 16 / M size.This product is also 16 / M size and fits perfectly.
* The size is the actual size, but since it is a washed product, there may be some individual differences. It is just a suggestion.