Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ


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XS 70 cm 51 cm 62 cm 42 cm
S 72 54 63 44
M 73 56 64 46
L 76 59 67 48
XL 78 62 68 50
The 2016 Spring & Summer collection is inspired by construction workers from the 1920s and 1940s.
American steel construction, which began in the late 1800s, gradually heated up with the development of industry, and from the 1920s to the 1940s, fierce competition for the height of buildings in the world was fought in New York.
At that time, in the new buildings that were built every day, the work sites at high places and the sites that handle building materials and equipment such as steel were places that embody the pride of tough men.

This product is a work shirt made of classic and textured dobby plaid fabric, Rivet Gunner.
This is the first freewheelers work shirt style with a small collar, cuff cuffs and a large chest pocket designed slightly below.

■ The material used is a checkered pattern in a bitter color woven by a dobby loom that expresses the pattern with weaving threads.At first glance, it is a checkered pattern with a calm tone like an on-break check.
■ The button uses a urea button.
■ A gusset is attached to the hem, and a union ticket is attached to the hem of the placket.
■ Washed products

Material:100% COTTON
Color: BROWN
Country of production: Japan

* The size is the actual size, but since it is a washed product, there may be some individual differences.Please consider it as a guide.