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¥ 22,000
(A) (B) (C) (D)
XS 70 cm 50 cm 25 cm 43 cm
S 71 53 28 46
M 74 56 29 49
L 76 59 29 51
XL 77 62 29 54

make any clothes in what I think is the time of people the headwaters of clothes surrounding culture and background, which is in the motor racing scene and the masses of the early days, wore it we have the image of the fact that whether, 2017 Somerset --in the collection, further depressing the theme of go on to the deep still "tHE SPEED", met at the time of the people thought and belief headwaters and of Orijineita we should be called the will be the line-up was constructed story on the base.
1910-1950s of the United States experienced a war of global scale of the Great Depression or twice, by also began to penetrate into the general spread to the automobile and motor cycle is rapidly popular in motor Culture, also motor sports It will be citizenship to the public from part of the wealthy.
Once in the 1930-1940s look like young people casual style appears to be the people of the figure can be seen a number close to the made and the figure dressed in military wear people and the current summer style time to go through the WWII made to go. Such era and style of the transition, such as 2017 Somerset --have been represented in the collection.

■ 1910 --the motif of the 1920s of outdoor shirt, is a model that dropped into baseball shirt style.
■ The fabric is adopting the canvas of 100% linen using a thread of fine count. Linen is ideal for hot season in the cool sense of fabric while there is a specific firmness and Kosi.
■ front of the left and right asymmetry of the pocket is characterized.
■ Wash processing products.

Material: 100% LINEN
Natural color
Country of origin: Japan

* Model wearing size: 16 / M Height: 175cm Weight 72kg Freewheelers products will wear the shirt 16 / M size. Also this product, is a perfect fit in the 16 / M size.
* The actual size is, but because of the wash processing products, there might be some individual differences occur. Please think a guide.