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Sold out
¥ 42,000
(A) (B) (C) (D)
36 74 cm 53 cm 65 cm 42 cm
38 76 55 66 44
40 78 58 67 47
42 80 61 68 49
44 82 64 69 51
A new type of coveralls release of rail Man style.
was released a while ago, heather-tone striped fabric of very unusual design among similar STIFEL's real name reprint of fabrics and BRAKEMAN OVERALLS will pull the eye.
Similarly, because this product is a limited production model, those who are worried, please consider as soon as possible.
Stand not stick the chin strap to the neck of a type with no collar, it is designed in the motif coveralls of the older age of the model.
Worthy of the recent work boom here, making things that are not transient-sticking has become the finish of the Freewheelers unique.

■ material, use the Indigo Wo Bash striped fabric of STIFEL's real name reprint that developed the cylinder discharge printing method. Familiar and well to the body in the light ounce. Subjected to the ivory color dot in the indigo fabric, aging out enough to cover up, you can enjoy a beautiful vertical drop.
■ chest pocket in a broad style to the side of the mountain type, it is a specification that can insert pen to create a partition by stitch.
■ all buttons, "UNION SPECIAL" logo brass change button specifications.
(so as not to damage the fabric during the washing, removable button is fastened in the bracket)
This product is, the back of the ring is a direct change button, because it is polite included to make you fly front so as not to touch the skin, will be glad specifications for those who change button is not good.
■ pocket inside with a front left side of the flap, as well as at the time of the uniform, "size numbers" has been sewn.
■ Wash processing products.

Material: 100% COTTON
Country of origin: Japan

* Models wear size: M / 38 Height: 175cm Weight 72kg
Freewheelers product of tops will wear the L / 40. This product, because it is a model that width is relatively, snug size of under one, with M / 38 than usual.
Sleeve length is also just the right size of under one. By all means, please try to reference.
* The actual size is, but because of the wash processing products, will cause some of the individual differences. Please think a guide.