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1920s --1930s WORKMENT'S GARMENT

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36 67 cm 51 cm 62 cm 44 cm
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40 69 54 63 48
42 72 57 64 50
44 74 60 65 52

High-rise buildings and skyscrapers that symbolize the United States called a skyscraper in Manhattan, New York district had reached the peak of the construction boom 1920 --1930s, men of hard steel that built the buildings and bridges that number also be built.
High, it was a man who had built up a high-rise monument of even higher and competed with proof of towering one after another prosperity aimed at the world exactly at the risk of life and limb is called a construction worker.
2016 SPRING COLLECTION is a tribute to the artisans who combine the spirit to overcome the strong body and fear.
dressed in their pride, I want you thinking of to a man who has built a new era while looking up to the side of the building towering To at most per the heavens. The

JOURNEYMAN the training of skills required to own a skilled craftsman of the original in order to aim a true craftsman, the apprenticeship over to the craftsmen of the original they are with After yet another skill can learn always refers to the technology workers who continue to challenge the heights that.

■ Leather, adopted a deerskin thickness of 1.6mm from 1.5mm with a soft and durable.
■ lining using a flannel cloth of black, will wrap warm the whole.
■ cuffs in cuffs specification, will increase the wind shielding properties by attaching the wool of the ribs in.
■ design while simple, chin strap, provided with full functionality, such as sleeve under side gusset, the front end part, breast pocket, a unique atmosphere and of the time smell by to dare distorted cutting the shape of the hip pocket I strongly feel ..
■ suitable for the recent work boom here, making things that are not transient-sticking has become the finish of Freewheelers unique.
By all means, please enjoy.

Material: DEER SKIN
color: JET BLACK
Country of origin: Japan

* The size is the actual size, when there is some individual differences. Please think a guide.
* Leather goods one by one, different facial expressions. Some of the color unevenness, because the dents will be the original
nature leather, humbly, please understand.