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1910 --1920s RACING TOGS

¥ 58,000
(A) (B) (C) (D)
36 61 cm 49 cm 67 cm 42 cm
38 63 52 68 44
40 65 55 69 46
42 67 58 70 48
44 69 61 71 50

motor culture began to penetrate the society 1910 --1930's, people of various scenes had colored the motor culture and Aviation of the early days in each style. (When motor culture was spread throughout society at the 1910's-1930's, people of various scenes made their own style motor culture and aviation the early days.) It is rugged style sweater of expressing such a view of the world. (It is a rugged styles weater expressing such vview of the world.)
1920's of knitwear, combines a very cold weather and motility, was the essential item in motor sports and outdoor sports. (Knitwear at 1920's had excellent functional of mobilitiy and cold protection, and also it is a essential item in motor sports and outdoor sports. ) At that time, wearing one of the whole body of men as reacing wear braided in the original fabric inspired by Freewheelers from wearing a wearing a release. (It is inspired by clothing that is wore men as reacing wear at the time, it is woven FREEWHERS original fablic with all our heart.)

■ material, adopted a medium gauge knit warp-knitted in the original fabric of Freewheelers. Very dignified knit has excellent texture of the firm, to elasticity. (It is kintted in medium gauge knit that is original fabric of FREEWEEFES. This very profound feeling. kint has a bit tough texture and excellent elasticity)
■ collar and hem rib is longer design. (Longer design of collar and hem rib.) In addition, the sleeve ribs also has longer designed to be able to wear folded in the same way at that time. (The sleeve ribs also longer design) to be able to turn down its as the same as the time.)
■ stand large collar with no collar. (Large collar with no collar band.) Changes in the specifications, such as high-necked to wear closed the button on the top. (When you closed the button on the top, it looks change like a high-necked sweater.)
■ button is outstanding presence using a nut buttons of black Taguayashi. (Black tagua palm nut buttons are used so it have a presence.))
■ Non-wash products.

Material: 100% wool
Country of origin: Japan

* Model wearing size: L / 40 Height: 175cm Weight 72kg
Always Freewheelers product of tops will wear a size L / 40. Also as usual this product, is a perfect fit in the L / 40 size.
shirt 16 / M size, the bottom has to love the W32 inch. By all means, please try to reference.
* The actual size is, but when there is some individual differences. Please think a guide.