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¥ 145,000
(A) (B) (C) (D)
36 73 cm 52 cm 63 cm 43 cm
38 75 54 64 45
40 77 57 65 47
42 79 60 66 49
44 81 63 67 51
motor culture began to penetrate the society 1910 --1930's, people of various scenes had colored the motor culture and Aviation of the early days in each style. (When motor culture was spread throughout society at the 1910's-1930's, people of various scenes made their own style motor culture and aviation the early days. 2016 WINTER COLLECTION is expressing such a view of the world.)
As of field master name, the person working in harsh field, including motor sports us, wearing one of the whole body that has been created through the Freewheelers of the filter is released. 'filter with all of their might to people who work in harsh field such as motor sports.)

■ material, the original on-Velay plaid, use the tweed Melton. Texture, fuzz feeling was Zara'wall thickness is wonderful. Lining is also sufficient thermal insulation and double in flannel specification an off-brushed. (It is used the material that Is the original ombre check, tweed melton. This thick and rough fuzz texture is wondeful. Lining is also fuzz flannel style, so these two specifications make you warm.)
■ of building was full of detail as never before. Equipped with a total number of 12 a pocket. Transceiver pocket, has become a pocket for storing small items such as Transceiver pocket, Fukkuresu of zipper pocket, hand warmer and the large and small pockets functionality of the various designs of the side to the zipper opening and closing with the axis of the course of that design. (We elaborated on this as never before. There are total 12 pocketts that is functional and main of desighs such as transceiver pocket, pocket for a compass and whistle, hookless zipper pocket and hand warmer with side zipper.)
■ back silhouette, duck tail silhouette. The oil cloth and thickness count of wool used in the cuffs of the loosely knit stand clunky Nittoribu in Rogeji, block the wind from the cuff. (Back silhouette is duck tail silhouette. Knit rib that is made. by oil cloth and low count wool is using on cuff, it block the wind from cuff.)
■ with a visor hood, detachable. (Hood with visor is detachable.)
■ button 27mm of elegant impression of containing the handle and the 20mm nut button specifications. (27mm and 20mm Elegant patterned nut button.)
■ Non-wash products.

Material: 100% wool LINING: 100% COTTON
Country of origin: Japan

* Model wearing size: L / 40 Height: 175cm Weight 72kg
Always Freewheelers product of tops will wear a size L / 40.
Also as usual this product, is a perfect fit in the L / 40. Bottom will wear the W32 inch. In addition, any brand products also will wear the L / 40 size. By all means, please try to reference.
* The actual size is, but there are cases where some individual differences occur. Please think a guide.