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¥ 195,000
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36 60 cm 50 cm 64 cm 42 cm
38 62 52 65 44
40 63 54 66 46
42 64 56 67 48
44 66 58 68 50
Illusion of flight jacket, is a popular item of the flagship among the TYPE A-1 of the 1928 model is manufactured to base the Freewheelers of leather collection.
collar cutting of Ururibu in a unique style which is provided as it is button hole in the rib also rounded shape is characteristic. The most interesting era of specs as
A-1 is the first place of the full.

■ material, use a moist and Horsehide of the thickness of the hand finish that take advantage of the texture of raw hides and skins.
Color, color unevenness of hand finish unique to the Gold Brown of features, we finished in the color ring with a unique depth.
■ button is used 18mm of dark beige, urea button.
■ The right pocket marked with a pen pocket.

Material: HORSE HIDE
Country of origin: Japan

* Model wearing size: 40 Height: 175cm Weight 72kg
Always Freewheelers products tops will wear the L / 40 size. This product Please choose the usual size of those who want to wear in the just-fit in tight. Please choose the size of the one
Since this product is a design of short-length tight, you do not have it, such as too large in size on one.

model pants which brand products also will wear the W32 inch. By all means, please try to reference.
* The actual size is, but when there is some individual differences. Please think a guide.

* Natural leather is one by one, different facial expressions. Some scratches, but can be seen, such as wrinkles, It also enjoy as a design of the product. We look forward to your order on your understanding.