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¥ 240,000
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"Neal Cassady Rail Road" will be released from the brand, is the work coat of hose Hyde. (This horse hyde work coat is released from the brand "Neal Cassady Rail Road")
The switch yard in the sense that the railway yard, places where it can be said that the hometown of many of the masterpiece Umiotoshi was work wear. (The switch yard means classification yard of railroad. It is like hometown of work wear that made the many masterpieces)
Its name has been crowned, it is a popular leather jacket even in the Freewheelers. (The name has been crowned to this, and it is a popular leather jacket in FREEHEERES)
At the time of work wear was also a casual at the same time workers who If it is work clothes. (The work wear at the age is not only as work wear but also everyday clothese as workers.)
Freewheelers popular products, it will be a little loose feeling size compared to BRAKEMAN COAT, please by all means try to reference. (It is bit loose fitting compared to FREEWEERES popular products BRAKEMAN COAT so plesase use this as reference.)

■ The materials use a horse leather thick. Cover up horse leather-specific Glossy we will continue to increase to about. (Material is using a thick horse leather. The more you wear, the more it will become a glossy peculiar its own.)
■ silhouette, because the work coat rather than tight in leather, you can wear a little leisurely. (It is a work coat so even tough it is leather, silhouette is bit loose than tight.)
■ Since the inside of the cuffs a ribbed, shielding wind resistance even higher, cuffs also unique style of the time. (Since the lining of rib sleeve, it has high wind sheltering. In addition, cuffs also unique style of the time.)
■ button, nut button specification of the same color ring and leather. (Nut button is the same color as the leather.)

Material: HORSE HIDE Lining: 100% wool (sleeves: 100% COTTON)
Country of origin: Japan

* Model wearing: 40 Height: 175cm Weight 72kg
Always wear a Freewheelers products Tops L / 40. This product is just fit also always in as usual L / 40. In addition, any brand products also tops is wearing a size 40.
Freewheelers product of the shirt is 16 / M size, pants is wearing a W32 inch. By all means, please try to reference.
* The actual size is, but when there is some individual differences. Please think a guide.
* Natural leather is one by one, different facial expressions. Some scratches, but can be seen, such as wrinkles, it also enjoy as the design of the product. We look forward to your order on your understanding.