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¥ 54,000
(A) (B) (C) (D)
36 71 cm 50 cm 60 cm 41 cm
38 72 52 61 44
40 73 54 61.5 46
42 73 58 61.5 48
44 74 60 62 50
Fabric: Original Wabash Cloth

This work wear brand in Ohio was called "Iron Olds" and is veiled in mysteries such it's age, company history and type of items.

This "Iron Olds" work wear is an extremely rare work wear brand because of the characteristic details and limited existing products.

The biggest feature of this brand is this saying "Do not say Overalls --Say Ironalls" that is inscribed in the brand name and buttons.
It is easy to guess that they were confident in their work.
Also from the very elaborate specifications and robust sewing, brand of worthy vision to be called truly a gem among the famous work wear brand, it is the real name reprint of a product of the "Iron Olds".

[detail of attention]

■ material, using the Black-Wabash-stripe fabric has developed a cylinder discharge printing method "STIFEL" company of real name reprint. Subjected to the ivory-color dots, to cover up every time, you can enjoy a beautiful vertical drop.
Lining c --Le 100% of the blanket according to the back bodice and sleeves, you can wear warm in chilly season. (Black wabash-striped fabric with STIFEL's real name reprint is used as material. STEAL invented the cylinder discharge printing method. There is the ivory-color dots, every time you wear, you can enjoy beautiful tate-ochi.)
(100% wool blanket is used lining of body and sleeve, so you can wear warm in chilly season.) ■ Collar is triple-stitched with a chin strap to protect the neck and has a button so it can be folded to the other side to wear comfortably when not in use.
■ The unique stitch that can be seen on the front pocket is for preventing a pocket watch from dropping
This adds more to the work wear style, and is also shows the brands commitment to detail
■ It has a change button with the silver brand logo
The back side of the change button has hidden facing as not to catch on the inner and so on
■ The cuffs have a thick width large cuff belt that is adjustable
■ Wash processing products.

Material: 100% COTTON LINING 100% wool
Country of origin: Japan

* Model wearing size: L / 40 Height: 175cm Weight 72kg
Always Freewheelers product is wearing a L / 40 size. This product is just fit in as usual L / 40 size.
size * is the actual size, but because of the wash processing products, there might be some individual differences occur. Please think a guide.