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A British designer who is also a world-famous collector of vintage military and outdoor wear.Directed a brand bearing his own name while attending fashion college.

"AUTHENTIC LINE" centered on materials derived from the United Kingdom such as Harris Tweed and Ventile."MAIN LINE", which is particular about MADE IN JAPAN, such as unique fabrics and processing techniques that can only be made in Japan.
Collaboration partners carefully selected from excellent brands around the world.Collaboration with brands that excel in something, both now and in the past, breathes new life into the world of Nigel Cabourn.

Then, in 1970, when I was studying fashion, I participated in a design contest held by LYBRO, which was a leading British workwear brand at the time, and won the award by designing workwear overalls. ..
Since then, the brand LYBRO has been special to Mr. Nigel.And a few years ago, I happened to find a vintage LYBRO advertising wood sign made around the 1940s and 1950s for sale.The Liverpool-based company was one of the key brands of British workwear.

Nigel bought the LYBRO wood sign.Mr. Nigel missed that time very much, and when I checked whether this company still existed, I was surprised that it no longer exists, but as a workwear brand I designed again, "LYBRO" I decided to reprint it.