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In the beginning, there were American clothes.

Work wear, outdoor wear, military wear, motorcycle wear and athletic wear ...

American clothes that were designed to be functional and tough. The clothes that turned America from vastly unexplored ground into what it is today. Therefore, we believe that the soul's of these nameless men who made America live on through these American clothes.

FREEWHEELERS is a clothing company formed to revive the “clothes that built America that we can't help loving. However, the story behind the story, it is not just a reproduction company that simply reproduces historic American clothes in their entire. What we want to recreate is the spirit of craftsmanship that the US has nurtured in the process of becoming America, and the atmosphere of the scenes in which those clothes were used.

Vintage wear is a source of precious inspiration to FREEWHEELERS, but the goal is not to simply trace the surface.For example, we use materials and specifications that are difficult to recreate, since it is the only way to express America's atmosphere from somewhere in time , like that which exudes from a documentary video or fragment of an image.

In addition, FREEWHEELERS is not like a fashion brand that is just following a fashion style, we are finding motifs of specific time, place and culture. For example, we are strongly attracted to the literary group of wanderer's from the Beat generation because it resonates. with the memories of a certain day's drifting experience, which can be unavoidably exuded from their naked words.

The Beat's took off for the streets from the hustle and bustle of New York at the end of the 1940's. On the way to wander in search of freedom, they chaotically picked up a shred of truth that is buried daily, and then they expressed their feelings fully in a poem. We are also wandering through space and time as if we are manipulating a time machine, digging out America's nameless brilliance randomly, expressing their feelings fully through the medium of clothes.

FREEWHEELERS is pursuing the new value that never existed in any modern clothes or vintage wear. To put it another way, it is about making clothes to unleash in everyday life, the same brilliance as when the clothes that were made for a particular purpose are in The most dazzling luminescence. Thus our journey through the story of "The Clothes That Made America".

People who are on the side of manufacturing only see the time and elaborate effort that they put in, but because of their existence, their products overwhelm everyone.