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"MIGHT AS WELL HAVE THE BEST" (the best thing to have anyway) is the words of the founder Clinton C. Filson.

Filson was founded in 1897 in Seattle, Washington as an "outdoor clothing maker" to tackle the gold rush.
Because it is abused in the environment of gold mining, which is not bad for clothing, it started producing clothing with the best natural materials and design and sewing without any compromise, and eventually for men working in Alaska and the northwest. , The FILSON mark has even come to be said to be synonymous with trust.

In wool, we still spend more than two years stubbornly working from cutting raw wool to finishing it into a product, and because of that stubbornness, we are in a harsh natural environment such as the US Forestry Corps, lumberjacks, hunters, and adventurers. It continues to be loved by people who need true quality, and is partly used for US Air Force and Army staff.

When talking about excellent quality and durability, there are many episodes that are passed down from parent to child and from child to grandchild.

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